Patients from the BFET Study commented:
​ “Relieved my stress, anxiety and fatigue.”

​​“If I could be in BFET therapy all day, I    probably wouldn’t have pain at all.”
​​“I think this is the perfect complement to ‘scientific’ medicine.”
"Using a painless and drug free treatment is empowering.” 


The Burn Rehabilitation Center, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC 

Burn patient injuries are associated with a variety of symptoms including pain, pruritis (itching), anxiety and fatigue.  Current pharmacotherapy is able to alleviate one or more of these symptoms, but typically requires different drugs for each symptom.   An ideal therapy would be one in which several of these symptoms could be assuaged or eliminated by a single intervention.  Biofield Energy Therapy is a unique complementary therapy that was designed to help modulate this myriad of symptoms. After successful intervention with several burn patients, a pilot study was planned for further research.  

​​Methods: A population of burn patients underwent Biofield Energy Therapy and were surveyed for levels of pain, pruritis, anxiety and fatigue prior to and after the therapy sessions. Additionally skin perfusion measurements were collected using a Field Laser Perfusion Imager before and after therapy.

Results: In this pilot study, Biofield Energy Therapy was unanimously well received by patients with burn injury. Most patients responded positively in regards to improvements in tension, stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue and pruritis. ​Future research will be aimed at controlling for physiological factors and correlating patient responses to traditional therapeutic modalities such as opiate requirements. 

​Conclusions: There is a need for new modalities targeted to treat the symptoms associated with burn injury.Biofield Energy Therapy may serve as an adjunct treatment for injured patients. This pilot study suggests that Biofield Energy Therapy should be evaluated further for use in burn care settings.
BENEFITS The BFET study of patients injured in burn or thermal accidents proved successful. Patients saw improvement in the following:
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Reduce emotional trauma 
  • Reduce pain 
  • Reduce itching
  • ​Promotes tissue healing
  • ​Regain sense of wellness ​
Pam has worked with some of the nation’s leaders in pain management for burn care. She collaborated with Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD, Director of the Burn and Surgical Research Laboratory at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Health Research Institute, Prospective Evaluation of Biofield Energy Therapy for Burdensome Symptoms of Burn Injury: A Pilot Study, which explored the effects of energy therapy for the thermally injured.  
The research article was  published in the OMICS Medical Journal of Pain and Relief, February, 2014.*


Pam presented the BFET Pilot Research Study at the 43rd Annual Conference of the American Burn Association in Chicago, Ill.  


Field Laser Perfusion Imager before and after therapy.

“I think this is the perfect complement to ‘scientific’ medicine.

         Thomas H, Burn Patient, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC

Medical Collaboration:

Pam's dedication and interest was evident as she helped to design a clinical trial to pilot Biofield Energy Therapy and measure patient perceptions of pain and other comorbid disease processes that they suffered as a result of their burn injury. 
Jeffery W Shupp, MD, Director, The Burn Center, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC.

Pam is a very knowledgeable, gentle and calming individual.  The results from the pilot study for burn patients were overwhelming in favor of the therapy.  The patients reported a reduction in and improvement of tension, stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue and pruritis (itching).
Lenore Ammons, Nursing Director, The Burn Rehabilition Unit, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC.

As the Chair of our hospital wide, interdisciplinary pain committee, I was responsible for selecting individuals for the committee that would embrance our mission to provide state-of-the-art pain managemnt hospical wide.  Pam has been a vital member of our committee and her leadership and communications skills have resulted in a number of improvements in our integrative approach to pain management.
LeeAnn Rhodes, MD., Medical Director of Pain Management, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC.