American Massage Therapy Assoc. (AMTA) 1991-Present
American Naturopathic Association - 2011 ​Certified Natural Health Professionals – 2010​

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​​Pam Goodwin, BA, LCMT, Energy Medicine Practitioner, offers experience and practice of over 25 years in natural health therapies to help create a compassionate and holistic environment for healing and change. Serving the Northern Virginia community, she was the founder and director of Sterling Massage Therapy & Holistic Health Center, Sterling, Virginia for 18 years.  She is a certified massage therapist with training from Potomac Massage Training Institute in Washington, DC. Her community practice involved many clinical partnerships with physicians to offer holistic integrative health services to complement medical care.  Years of training in healing modalities led her to hospital patient care at the MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC., The Cancer Institute and the Burn Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, Pam volunteered with the Hospice of Northern Virginia and Hospice & Palliative Care of Tidewater to offer transitional care for the dying.
Drs. Willoughby, McLeod and Brown, Sterling, VA   1996 - 2004       Within the parameters of the Sterling Massage Therapy Center, Pam worked in collaboration with the Obstetrics-Gynecology practice, Drs. Willoughby, McLeod and Brown of Sterling for referral of patients for pregnancy massage and general discomfort, gynecological chronic pain, phantom pain and infertility concerns.



BA, Applied Behavioral Science, 1989, With Honors

Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist,1991- 2017
Potomac Massage Therapy Institute, Wash, DC

Integrative Swedish and Deep Tissue Myofascial Release (1,155 Hours)

Commonwealth of VA  Lic. # 0019001223
​District of Columbia, Lic #MT1697​

Naturopathy Certification Program        2009-2011​
​American Naturopathic Medical Board Certification 2011


Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Trauma and Burn Unit   2017-18

Volunteer BFET and Mind-Body Therapies for Trauma and Burn Patients

Hospice Volunteer Hospice & Palliative Care of Tidewater, Norfolk, VA 2014-15 Volunteer Practitioner, Mind-Body Therapies, Relaxation, Pain Management and End of Life Care.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center, (MWHC) The Cancer Institute, Patient Support Services, Volunteer Mind-Body Therapies Practitioner, 2004-2005 (resulted in On-Staff Contractor) ​

Committee Member, MWHC, 2007- 2012, The Cancer Institute

Committee for Interfaith Services of Remembrance ​Nurses Week

Committee Member, MWHC, 2012, Organized team to provide a National Nurses' Week "Mind-Body Blitz" for a week of mind-body and relaxation therapies in appreciation of nurses hospital-wide.

Hospice of Northern Virginia, Arlington, VA, 1998

Patient Support Services, Volunteer Mind-Body Therapies Practitioner



The Washington Cancer Institute, Washington, DC 2004 - 2013 

Cancer Care In 2004, Pam completed The Cancer Residency for Spiritual Caregivers sponsored by the Cancer Society at the MWHC.  After volunteering with patients, she joined the MWHC Cancer Institute, Cancer Patient Support Services in an on-staff position where she worked 9 years with patients throughout the hospital offering mind-body therapies, Biofield Energy Therapy, Reiki, pain management and for palliative care.

Biofield Energy Therapy Specialist, On-Staff Contractor
​Pam provided Mind-Body Medicine for oncology, palliative care and burn injury patients.  She worked in collaboration with physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains to provide care and treatment for patients in medical recovery, including cancer patients receiving treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  She was an active member of two MedStar Washington Hospital Center Division of Nursing Pain Committee and MedStar Washington Hospital Center Physicians Hospital-Wide Pain Committee.  Pam's patient-centered care included mind-body therapies for pre- and post-surgery, symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, wound healing, and neuropathy to encourage healing and peace of mind.

Palliative Care Team Member: Pam was invited to join the Palliative Care Medical Team to support physicians and nurse practitioners in palliative care for patients to manage severe pain, stress of surgical recovery and end-of-life care.
The Burn Rehab Unit for Burn Injury Care
FET Research Study for Burn Patients: Working with some of the nation’s leaders in pain management for burn care, Pam was recently published featuring a pilot study for the benefits of Biofield Energy Therapy.  Collaborating with Jeffrey W. Shupp, MD, Director of the Burn and Surgical Research Laboratory at MedStar Washington Hospital Center and MedStar Health Research Institute, Prospective Evaluation of Biofield Energy Therapy for Burdensome Symptoms of Burn Injury: A Pilot Study, which explored the effects of energy therapy for the thermally injured.  The study was presented at the American Burn Association 43rd Annual Conference, Chicago, Ill. The research article was  published in the OMICS Medical Journal of Pain and Relief, February, 2014.​​

*Research Article Published Study Link: